Cavity Wall Insulation Problems?

Is your property at risk from bad cavity wall insulation?

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  • Damp or Black Mould
  • Vents Blocked
  • Timber Properties
  • Damaged Bricks
  • Exposed Properties

If you have experienced any of these problems since having cavity wall insulation installed, then you may be one of the thousands of British Homeowners whose insulation has been installed incorrectly.

Badly installed cavity insulation can lead to Damp or Black Mould, which will have a detrimental effect on your health and in some cases, it can also lead to structural defects in the building.

If Cavity Wall Insulation has been installed incorrectly, the good news that it can be safely extracted using our specialist Cavity Wall Extraction service.  In most cases, the problems associated with the insulation will disappear following the extraction of the failed material.

A compensation scheme has been set up by Government in partnership with specialist insurance companies to cover the cost of inspecting your Cavity Wall Insulation, diagnosing any issues, and carrying out the extraction.

Will my energy bills go up after Cavity Wall Extraction?

If the insulation has not been installed correctly, then the chances are that it is having a negligible effect on reducing your energy bills anyway.  So the extraction won’t make much difference here, however, if the Cavity Wall can take it – we can discuss the option of re-installation of an appropriate Cavity Wall Insulation material, which will not lead to any problems and will help to reduce your fuel bills.

Please Remember

Cavity Wall Insulation is a fantastic Energy Saving Measure, which when installed by a competent company into an appropriate property has many benefits, such as improved comfort and reduced energy bills.