Chilling discovery: You may be missing out on £4.5k and a warmer home

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The Winter is well and truly on its way, were you having your breakfast and watching ‘Good Morning Britain’ from a chilly home that is costing more to heat than it should?

If so, you may have spotted Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ slot, where he delivered a fact more chilling than the current weather: Millions are missing out on up to £4.5k per year in Attendance Allowance, and access to funding for a warmer home because they aren’t claiming the finances they’re rightfully entitled to.

Worse still if you’re missing out on the money, you may also be missing out on a warm home that helps you save money whilst reducing environmental harm! Attendance Allowance is a financial benefit that entitles you to funding through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). This funding covers costs relating to energy saving upgrades such as Insulation and Heating, delivered by accredited installers, Thrift Energy.


Funding is available for a Warmer Home - 0800 689 3415

Funding is available for a warmer home and installations are carried out by Thrift Energy



If you’re state pension age or over and require assistance for physical or mental health – you could be eligible for Attendance Allowance, even if you’re not currently receiving the help or support that you need.


Funding is available for energy saving measures through Thrift Energy

Claim Attendance Allowance? Gain access to a warmer home – 0800 689 3415

According to financial support charity ‘Turn2Us’, Attendance Allowance is designated to those with care needs, who need help with daily living and activities. They state:

”You may have care needs if you need help with activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, going to the toilet or having someone to look after you so you do not hurt yourself.

It could include help outside the home. It does not matter if no one actually gives this help, as long as you can show you need it.

You can have any type of disability or illness, including sight or hearing impairments, or mental health issues such as dementia or depression.”

Think you’re missing out? Check the full criteria for Attendance Allowance on and apply for funding towards a warmer home here.

If you need help creating a warmer home and are concerned you can’t afford it – click here or call 0800 689 3415 and speak to our dedicated customer service line.

Go Solar! Oxford homes offsetting Climate Change

Go Solar - 0800 689 3415

Despite the intense temperature shifts, our Cambridge fleet have been hard at work helping residents to lower their carbon emissions, essential to reducing environmental damage, by installing renewable energy solutions such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and efficient heating and insulation.

Carbon dioxide, a Greenhouse gas is one of the primary contributors to global warming and is emitted by human activity such as energy use. Global warming is causing the planet to heat at a rapid rate. As a result, the climate is changing and the consequences to life could be drastic.

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels will cause the loss of large areas of land and even species, affecting food chains and living conditions for future generations.

Call for funding - 01228 812 867

Think Thrift and join our customers committed to Energy Efficiency

Since 2002, the UK have experienced the hottest ten years on record, according to the Met Office which is a worrying signal according to scientists. In response to climate change, the UK Government have implemented a goal of ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050 and by committing to energy efficient upgrades, you are saving money – and the planet.

Solar Panels have the ability to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes per year - imagine how much more energy we could save if every household made steps to generate renewable energy?

Following a recent Solar Panel install in Bicester near Oxford, Mrs M is very pleased to be saving money and energy!

Since Thrift Energy installed my Solar PV Panels, I have had a big reduction in fuel bill costs!” – Mrs M, Bicester

Go Solar - 0800 689 3415

The Feed-in-Tariff is no more, but there is great news when it comes to generating an income for producing renewable energy through the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is currently running which enables  and the upcoming Smart Export Guarantee which launches next year.

Start your journey to saving energy and the environment and call 0800 689 3415 or apply online

For Net Zero Solutions: Think Thrift Energy

Think Thirft for Energy Savings - 0800 689 3415

Good Green vs Mean Green

It's World Environment Day, and that makes you think Green – the colour of life. Plants, nature, green energy, recycling initiatives - and Thrift Energy – all carry the invigorating hue but there is one particular mean green causing harm to the planet: Greenhouse gases.

The importance of energy-efficient solutions has peaked and changes should start at home.  The release of the latest report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), Net Zero proposes new greenhouse gas emissions targets and demonstrates a need for urgent action to prevent further damage to the environment and ultimately, our world.

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero: The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming is a report that has stepped up ambitions for a greener planet - by calling to eradicate greenhouse gases entirely. Prior to the report, UK Government aimed for an 80 per cent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 but this report has pushed even harder, declaring that it should be possible to reach Net Zero; 0 greenhouse gas emissions in the UK by 2050, just over 30 years.

Greenhouse gas emissions cause the planet to heat as they trap in heat that radiates from the sun. As a result, polar ice caps are melting, creating higher sea levels and a gradual warming of the entire plane. If this continues, the consequences will be dire for biodiversity and beyond, wiping out many species and affecting our food chains.

The chairman of the report, Lord Deben calls for the UK to “make firm plans for housing and domestic heat” and states there is a need for change in other areas including industrial emissions, carbon capture and storage and agriculture.

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Energy efficiency can be achieved through improving the thermal retention of properties, so they hold heat better and don’t require as much energy and fuel to stay warm. Renewable energy measures are on the rise and Thrift Energy have recently completed a solar panel installation in Oxford, which will generate greener energy and prevent 1.3 - 1.6 tonnes of Carbon dioxide per year.

Think Thrift for Energy Savings 0800 689 3415
A recent Solar Panel installation in Oxford by Thrift Energy
Solar Panels generate renewable energy and save up to 1.6 Carbon dioxide tonnes per year
Think Thrift for Energy Efficient upgrades - 0800 689 3415
The project was managed by Paul Stewart down South

The Energy Savings Trust state that Insulation is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve homes, reducing carbon emissions by around 1040 kg per year. If one street of 20 properties has effective Insulation, they would prevent over 20, 000kg of Carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Work is already underway in Hartlepool and Durham, as Thrift Energy secure funding through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) and Local Authorities for the removal and replacement of inefficient Insulation and then install brand new, A-rated boilers that increase energy efficiency and backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

There is no time like the present to make positive changes, so for energy efficient improvements #ThinkThrift and call 0800 689 3415.

Cavity Wall Insulation can save an average house up to £210 a year

The average household loses up to 35% of heat is lost through their walls. The solution? Cavity Wall Insulation.

Cavity Wall Insulation is one of the most common methods of insulating the home. Since 1985 cavity walls were commonly insulated when the house was built, however any homes built before this date may have partially insulated or uninsulated cavities. This means that up to 35% of the heat in your home is being lost through your walls.
It is a relatively quick and free* measure to install, meaning it has a very quick payback time (the time it takes for the savings in your energy bills to effectively pay for the measure itself)

A properly insulated cavity can save an average house up to £210 a year!

Already have Cavity Wall insulation?
Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors including rogue installers, there are many properties in the UK that have cavity wall insulation installed that were unsuitable for the measure. This has led to a number of problems across the country, including damp and condensation.
Thankfully you don’t have to just live with this forever – insulation can be extracted from the wall, and if necessary a more suitable material installed.

The Problem
Wind and driving rain against exposed brickwork can damage bricks, or more commonly, the pointing, allowing water through the wall and into the cavity. Some of the materials used in the past, particularly anything fibre-based, can absorb and hold this water, allowing it to cross the cavity to the inner walls of the home, causing damp problems.

The Solution
Extracting the cavity wall insulation is a quick, clean process, completed from the outside of the property. Compressed air is blown into the wall through drill holes, and the insulation is removed via strategically removed bricks at the bottom of the wall. Once the process is completed, the brickwork is repaired.

Replacing the Insulation
If you have a suitable cavity, and the issue was simply the material, then the cavity can be refilled with a more suitable material. In all cases, we use an oil-based, waterproof expanded polystyrene bead, which is bonded together with glue as it is pumped into the wall. This means that any water that does make its way into the cavity via cracks in the brickwork or pointing cannot bridge the cavity, and simply drains through the natural gaps in the insulation to the bottom of the cavity and into the ground, as intended.
All of our cavity wall insulation comes with a 25 year, insurance-backed guarantee.

Thrift Energy use only bonded bead
For cavity wall installations, Thrift Energy uses an oil-based, waterproof polystyrene bead, which is bonded with a glue when being injected into the cavity. This creates a material that is solid, yet has gaps for any water that may get into the cavity to drain down to the bottom of the cavity as was intended, rather than being transferred across to the internal walls. We have completed thousands of cavity wall installations with our bonded bead without any complaints of damp.

All of our installations come with a 25 year, insurance-backed guarantee.

With around 35% of all heat loss occurring through the walls, a properly insulated cavity can save an average house up to £210 a year!

Cavity Wall Insulation – how it works

• Make your enquiry by filling in our enquiry form or calling 0800 689 3415
• One of our team will arrange a time for one of our energy efficiency experts to come and complete a home survey
• Once completed, if your home is suitable then we can arrange a time for an installation time to come and install the cavity wall insulation
• On the day of installation, the team will arrive, and they will begin the process by drilling carefully selected holes into the cavity, through which they will inject the bonded bead
• Upon finishing, the drill holes are carefully repaired
• Following installation, your 25 year, insurance-backed warranty will arrive in the post
• Enjoy your toasty home and start saving money!

Arrange Cavity Wall Extraction and Refill
If you suspect your Cavity Wall Insulation is not up to scratch, call us to arrange a FREE home survey so that we can access your current CWI and, if necessary, arrange an extraction and refill.

Contact us on 0800 689 3415 or email

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