Don’t be spooked by your energy bills!

The clocks go back this Sunday 28th October which means an extra hour in bed; but it also means colder days, darker nights and potentially a high electricity bill. UK households pay around £3.4 billion each year and the biggest offenders of appliance costs include fridge freezers, electric hobs, and tumble dryers, whilst lighting your home accounts for 18% of your total bill.
This Halloween, we’re saying don’t be spooked, be savvy. Simple switches, such as choosing appliances with high energy efficiency ratings can mean big savings. Follow these tips to cut your electricity cost this winter:

Insulate your home

Insulation is a key measure to improve energy-efficiency in your home. Ofgem state that insulation can ‘reduce your energy bills’.
There are many different insulation types, such as:
• Cavity Wall Insulation
• Loft Insulation
• Solid Wall Insulation
• Room-In-Roof

Thrift Energy only employ trusted and accredited installers that are experienced in fitting all of these measures to a high standard with minimal fuss.
You may be eligible for free funding under ECO guidelines, or there are other gran funding options available also. Contact us on 0800 689 3415 or apply online LINK to check your eligibility and book a FREE home survey.

Home Energy checks

Home energy checks are important too, to assess additional improvements that will help you efficiently heat your home whilst keeping down costs.
Thrift Energy offer FREE home surveys to determine eligibility and find the best solution for you.

Contact us on 0800 689 3415 or apply online to check your eligibility and book a FREE home survey.

Upgrade or Replace your boiler

Heating your home accounts for around 55% of energy use – upgrading your current gas boiler to a new, energy efficient condensing boiler could save as much as £310 a year in energy bills.
Thrift has a team of experienced heating installers, who can install a new boiler with the minimum of fuss, making your home warmer and more energy efficient all in one go!
We have experience with gas, oil and LPG boilers, so whatever your needs are, give us a call to see if we can help.

Avoid Scary Standby

Do not leave appliances on standby if you want to save. Whilst this is unavoidable for some home appliances such as your fridge freezer, where possible you should switch appliances off completely by the plug socket. Leaving equipment on standby can cost you £30 per year – a lot when you’re not using it!

Stop taps

Fill a bowl once when you wash-up to save £25 a year in energy bill, plus it keeps your hands warm, plus you’ll hear Trick or Treaters if you’re not running the taps!

Draught Excluders

The eerie chill of Halloween is upon us, the chill is about to nip at your ankles and prevent your home from staying warm – be one step-ahead and scare the cold away by finding a simple draught excluder. They’re usually in the form of a long pillow, you’re sure to be able to find themed ones for your Halloween bash!

Light up your life with LEDS

Light is less scary than the dark, but wouldn’t it be good to cut back costs? Well you can! Just replaced your regular bulbs with LEDs, to save about £35 a year on bills*.

Curtain Call
When the dusk sets in, make sure you close your curtains…not only will it keep you cosy in your Halloween hideaway, it also prevents heat from escaping through the windows making your home warm too.

Have a wonderful and very warm Halloween. Sp00k to you sooooon…


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Britain – Are you Secret Heaters?


I have been inspired by the Channel 4 television programme, Secret Eaters.  In this show, people who have seen an increase in their weight are monitored round the clock to see if how much they actually eat is more than what they think it is.  Most of the time, it is.  Watching the show made me realise that I was also a secret eater.  A cheeseburger here and a Mars bar there have added up over the years.  Having cut these secret snacks out I have recently lost 2 stone.

As I go round meeting customers, whom I give Green Deal Advice to, I always ask about heating patterns:

  • How long do you have the heating on for?
  • What temperature is your thermostat set to?
  • Do you use the heating a lot on the weekend?


The answers I get as an energy professional are similar to those given by the people participating in the show when they are speaking to the diet professionals.  They give the right answers, but not necessarily the true ones.  Every time I watch the show and someone says, “I don’t know why I’m overweight? I eat healthy salads?”  I know that the truth is going to come out that in fact the healthy salad will be followed by cake or a take away.

But it always reminds of my customers, who tell me that they only have the heating on for a “couple of hours a night” and “never more than 21 degrees”.  I know the hidden truth is a little boost of the stat when they’re feeling cold and leaving the heating on a few hours more because its chilly outside today.

Just like the calories don’t add up to weight gain in the TV show, our energy bills are way more than we admit to using the heating.


Britain – you are secret heaters!

I advise everyone to be mindful of your heating patterns and temperatures.  Keep a heating diary so you know when you’ve boosted it and had it on for a few hours outside of your normal programme.

If you think you might be a Secret Heater, try to follow these simple rules:

  1. Think about what time the heating comes on. If you don’t get out of bed until 7am.  You don’t need the heating to come on at 6am.  5 or 10 minutes before will be sufficient.
  2. Turn the thermostat back down. If you find that you need to boost up your stat, don’t forget to turn it back down.
  3. You may have thermostatic valves on your radiators, numbered dials that you can turn by hand.  Turning these down in rooms that are not is use a great way of reducing how much gas goes is used by your boiler.


  1. Keep a diary. Check how many times you’ve boosted the heating or had it an extra few hours.  If you are a Secret Heater, consider using a jumper or a hot water bottle to take the chill off while you’re sitting down in from of the TV.


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