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Despite the intense temperature shifts, our Cambridge fleet have been hard at work helping residents to lower their carbon emissions, essential to reducing environmental damage, by installing renewable energy solutions such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and efficient heating and insulation.

Carbon dioxide, a Greenhouse gas is one of the primary contributors to global warming and is emitted by human activity such as energy use. Global warming is causing the planet to heat at a rapid rate. As a result, the climate is changing and the consequences to life could be drastic.

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels will cause the loss of large areas of land and even species, affecting food chains and living conditions for future generations.

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Think Thrift and join our customers committed to Energy Efficiency

Since 2002, the UK have experienced the hottest ten years on record, according to the Met Office which is a worrying signal according to scientists. In response to climate change, the UK Government have implemented a goal of ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050 and by committing to energy efficient upgrades, you are saving money – and the planet.

Solar Panels have the ability to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes per year - imagine how much more energy we could save if every household made steps to generate renewable energy?

Following a recent Solar Panel install in Bicester near Oxford, Mrs M is very pleased to be saving money and energy!

Since Thrift Energy installed my Solar PV Panels, I have had a big reduction in fuel bill costs!” – Mrs M, Bicester

Go Solar - 0800 689 3415

The Feed-in-Tariff is no more, but there is great news when it comes to generating an income for producing renewable energy through the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is currently running which enables  and the upcoming Smart Export Guarantee which launches next year.

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