The Gift of Warmth

Summer 2018 has seen the UK scorching, with some of the highest temperatures we have seen in decades. It’s been blue skies and BBQs galore making it hard to even imagine a time when we won’t be switching on our fans and kicking off the duvet during the night.
Unfortunately, and we don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, the cold weather is due in just a few months. Once summer sizzles to a stop, autumn will take over and soon after that the icy reception of winter awaits. Last year’s winter was practically an ice age! And if you or anyone you know had problems with their boiler – you will know just how awful it can be.

Heating your home accounts for around 55% of energy use and winter months can be very demanding for old or insufficient boilers. This can lead to problems which can have you and your family shivering cold in your own home, left without heating and hot water. Plus, don’t forget the days of waiting for a repair, right in the lead up to Christmas.

Upgrading your current gas boiler to a new, energy efficient condensing boiler could save as much as £310 a year in energy bills. So, this year plan ahead and contact us to discuss installing a new, more energy efficient boiler that can save you money as well as lessen your worry about a boiler breakdown during winter months.

Call us now to find out if you qualify for a FREE boiler, and even if you don’t we will find a suitable and affordable solution to suit your needs so that you don’t have an unexpected bill in the winter.
Thrift has a team of experienced heating installers, who can install a new boiler with the minimum of fuss, making your home warmer and more energy efficient all in one go! We have experience with gas, oil and LPG boilers, so whatever your needs are, give us a call to see if we can help. Not only will you feel comforted by the warmth of a new boiler, you could also save money on your heating bills.
What are you waiting for? Give your family the gift of warmth for Christmas and save money along the way – call 0800 689 3415 to enquire now.

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